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Tech Pro Estimating is a team of exceptional professionals specializing in construction estimating services.

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Techpro Estimating, a sub-brand of Williams Street Holding LLC, is a well-established construction cost-estimating organization located in Pennsylvania, United States. We specialize in providing material takeoff services to clients.

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Public Bid Estimate

Facilitating fair competition, the Public Bids Estimates service offers transparent cost projections for projects, ensuring accountability and optimal procurement decisions.

Commercial Bids Estimates

Specializing in Commercial Bids Estimate, our dedicated team caters to General Contractors and Subcontractors, ensuring precision and reliability. Request sample estimates for a comprehensive evaluation.

Residential Bids Estimates

Tailoring residential bid estimates for General Contractors and Subcontractors, our services prioritize accuracy and dependability. Request sample estimates for evaluation.

Material Suppliers

Material suppliers streamline construction projects, supplying quality materials and precise cost estimates, ensuring efficient delivery and successful execution of diverse construction endeavors.


Manufacturers benefit from our service by receiving accurate cost estimates for their material lists, facilitating streamlined transactions with contractors for seamless collaboration.

UFC/ TIPS Job Order Contracting

Our expertise lies in delivering precise cost estimates for federal projects, adhering to UFC standards, ensuring efficient Job Order Contracting success.

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Alex Turner

Skyline Constructors

Tech Pro Estimating did an outstanding job on our project. We agreed that more work needed to be done, and they delivered on their promises.

Sarah Mitchell

Keystone Construction Co

I had a fantastic experience with Tech Pro Estimating. They promptly returned my proposal with great attention to detail. Their skills, courtesy, and effort in handling our bid were much appreciated.

Jennifer Miller

TerraCraft Builders

Working with Tech Pro Estimating was a satisfying experience. Their fast response and accurate estimates were exactly what I needed as a solo contractor. I highly recommend their services to save time and energy on bid preparations.

Michael Parker

Apex Builders

Tech Pro Estimating is an excellent company that helped me evaluate a project I couldn't manage myself. They even assisted in meeting the bid deadline at no additional cost. Highly recommended.

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Frequently asked question

Do you charge for reviewing plans before placing an order?

No, we don’t charge for reviewing plans before placing an order. We offer this service as a courtesy to our customers and to ensure that we can meet their expectations and specifications.

What is your average turnaround time?

The size, complexity and scope of the project determine our turnaround time, which can be anywhere between 2 and 12 working days. We avoid taking on rush jobs because they affect the quality of our work.

What estimating software do you use?

We use Plan swift and Bluebeam for estimation.

Do you offer pre bid and post bid meetings to discuss the projects?

Pre-bid and post-bid meetings are part of the services we offer. These meetings help us communicate clearly with everyone involved in the project and prevent any misunderstandings, delays or extra costs.

What do your Material Takeoffs service include?

We offer material takeoffs in both PDF and Excel formats, encompassing a comprehensive list of project materials and tasks. Organized division by division, each item is cross-referenced with the corresponding drawing to ensure accurate quantity calculations.

What do you need in order to do a takeoff or estimate?

To receive a complimentary quote, please send us the project plans and drawings, along with your takeoff and estimate requirements. Once the proposal is approved, we will promptly provide you with an online-payable invoice that includes costs and a specified turnaround time.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your project is determined by its size and scope of work, with prices ranging from $100 to $ 5,000. For single-trade residential projects, the approximate cost is around $100, while projects involving multiple trades can range around $700. For multi-story commercial building projects, the estimated cost can reach up to $ 5,000. Please note that these figures are provided as general estimates and may vary depending on the specific details of your project.

What is a construction cost estimate?

A construction cost estimate is a necessary part of the planning process for any construction project. It gives the client or owner an idea of the likely cost of the project, based on the scope of work and the current market conditions.

Why is accuracy important in construction cost estimation?

Construction cost estimation is the process of predicting the cost of building a physical structure. Accurate cost estimation is important because it allows developers to know how much money they need to raise, and it also allows them to determine whether a project is feasible.

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